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What You Do.
You’re a processor of flower, edibles and medibles, concentrates, cartridges, vape pens or other cannabis related products. You recognize that you have an opportunity to take the lead. You feel that now is the time to create or upgrade to a unique look to go along with your unique products. Times have changed. No more product in a baggie with a hand lettered label. You have to brand and market your products with great shelf appeal for this new market . What you will need to compete is creative eye-catching design and compliant labeling and packaging. There is ample opportunity for your products in this emerging market. I can help. What I Do.
I create packaging, printing, and labeling solutions for processors of flower, concentrates, or other infused products in the cannabusiness markets. My services provide you with strategic planning and insightful solutions for compliant packaging and labeling. With over 35 years of experience I know the production phases and details of the printing and packaging industry.
A few of the successful companies who trust VisionsGreen with their packaging needs.


Three steps to faster, smarter results.
Planning to get you noticed.
Whether the strategy is simply to package and sell one product or is taken to more in-depth measures, such as a long-term marketing plan for multiple products, it is absolutely necessary that the plan is in place before spending both time and money on design and development.
Looks great and works great.
Package design is more than creating something that's pretty. It’s about making your product standout and successfully compete against all the other products on the same shelf, something that your customers will understand right away. It should look great while at the same time it should work great too. Compliance, compliance, 
and compliance.
I can help you insure that your blister-packs, boxes, bags, labels, etc., are I-502 compliant. So you can flaunt your flower, concentrate on your concentrates, and make your edibles even more incredible.
Your success is my success. If you are getting ready to take 
your product to market for the first time or take an existing product to the next level call me. Or email me. Or text me. We can set an appointment that fits with your schedule. Now is the time. 
Let’s get started.


John Parks, owner

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